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How do you react to a 17 year old making this calibre of music? Personally, it makes me wonder what I was doing when I was that age, and it sure as hell wasn’t producing banger tracks like this.

UK native Sam Bevan is the one behind this heaviness. His youth shows in the new-school bass, and his historical knowledge is displayed within the percussion. When the rap sample comes in (“Yo, check this out”), he’s literally telling the world to pay attention, and with a drop like that we definitely should. You can play this on your pathetic laptop speakers, but its effectiveness is truly experienced on a good system. 

Sam was kind enough to send this to me last week, and I’ll admit it’s been getting an embarrassingly high play count in my car. At less than four minutes long, it just begs for a repeat.

His EP “Don’t Pigeonhole Anything” was released today as a free download on his SoundCloud, and why it’s free I couldn’t possibly tell you. 97Sides is the label behind it, and they appear to be more invested in pushing good music than pulling in dollars. Go grab this ASAP, rinse, repeat, and as always:


Privateer - A Blog About Forward Thinking Music: Yet again, the desire to blog has overcome the need to revise… ah...


Yet again, the desire to blog has overcome the need to revise… ah well, its only a degree. Anyway, on with the procrastination: ”Don’t Pigeonhole Anything” is new EP from Wolverhampton beat-smith Polkadot, and as debuts go its a pretty tidy release. To keep in the spirit of things we’ve…


Preview of PolkaDot’s new track ‘Close to Me’ out on 6th April for free download !!!

Happy Days!


Polkadot - Baby

A slick future garage track from Polkadot. This tune sounds like Disclosure, Mount Kimbie and Mak & Pasteman all rolled into one. Great stuff! This tune is taken from Polkadot’s Don’t Pigeonhole Anything EP, forthcoming 6th April on 97 Sides.

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Big thanks to my mate Armeria for this one. Very pleased to have some input on it.
This is slower , and defintely a lot more chilled than usual, but i hope you dig it.

You’ll no doubt be hearing more from Armeria and myself very soon, so watch out!

Big love.


Polkadot - Close To Me 

There is something truly remarkable about the imagery that is created through articulate tunes in the bass scene. Take ‘Close To Me’ by the up and coming Polkadot for example. The angelic vocals and whooshing synths generate some of the most fluent and motivated motions you could dream of. And to juxtapose the beauty of it all, the track could just as well be heard in the most sporadic and moving dance halls. The young producer, Sam Bevan, out of Wolverhampton has got a good grip on what it is he should be doing. This track, as well as two others will be on the EP, “Don’t Pigeonhole Anything” and is expected to drop around April 6th from the label, 97Sides. It’ll be free to download from Polkadot’s Soundcloud. Mark your calendar. 


Thank you to the guys over at Life Crushed for this!


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